Could your Facebook and Instagram ads budget be better spent?

Could your Facebook and Instagram ads budget be better spent?

The most sales go to the person or brand with the best marketing, not the best product.

So let’s get your Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns as impactful and profitable as they can possibly be.

Do you ever feel like your spirit animal may as well be an octopus because you try to keep so many plates spinning?

Googling how to get results from your ads? Or what the best launch strategy is?

Yes yes yes I hear you.

If you’re serious about taking automation, ads and your whole marketing onto another level, let me help. 

I’m Aleks and I’ve been doing media for big brands for over 10 years. Four years ago I set up my own business and now I work with brands on their paid social funnels. I went from managing client’s advertising budgets of £5M a month down to just £0.5M a year. But guess what? What I do now matters so much more. I know if you are a brand with a small marketing budget every penny matters. 

I treat my client’s money as if it’s my own, monitoring and maximizing the profitability of their ad spend.

With me, I won’t take you to a Michelin star restaurant (that in fact you pay for), like many agencies out there, but instead we can have a cup of tea together and come up with a cracking strategy. 

“Aleks has been such a dream to work with over the past few months. She’s managed to get my ads the cheapest they’ve ever been. Most are coming in under £1!”

Marielle Lagair

Founder of Women Who Influence

I can help you make more money from your Facebook / Instagram ads if…


Your personal brand business wants to invest at least £500 per month in ongoing lead generation and you want to get the maximum number of sales for your budget.


You’d like 1-1 time with a Facebook/Instagram expert (me) to achieve a particular goal (set up a campaign, improve an existing campaign).

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