Who would you have as your spirit animal?

Mine would be a tiger: brave, defender of family and, above all, hungry. Always hungry for more.

Who would you have as your spirit animal?

Mine would be a tiger: brave, defender of family and, above all, hungry. Always hungry for more.

So I got to wondering – how did I end up being an octopus? With so many ‘hands’ in different things? But only one head!

Because this is how my 1st year in business was. And I knew I had to do something about it.

Let’s go back to the start, after completing my Film & Media degree I got myself a job at a leading media agency in the UK. I climbed the ranks and got to Director level after 7 years.

I worked with massive brands, household names in pan-media solutions.

One thing all of these brands had in common is they were looking at a return on investment from their advertising.

You may ask: isn’t that the case for ALL brands?


A lot of brands are after brand awareness. They play a long term game of being front of mind when the need arises.

They spend into thousands of pounds to even recruit a customer relying on a lifetime value of that person.

Now let me ask you: if you are a small brand can you afford that?

No. Most definitely no.

Brands spending less than £5Millon a year can’t afford that. Hence why monitoring return on investment is so crucial.

I loved my time at the agency. But there’s been the urge in me wondering what it would be like going alone, running my own boutique agency.

This coincided with my daughter getting to the age of two. So back in 2017 on a beach in Thailand a decision got made: time to set up my own business.

I left my secure agency position, with no clients and a goal to work with 3 brands in 2018.

I got to work with 12 in that 1st year.

I invested in my own development. I started working with coaches, both for me but then really quickly for them, helping them scale while also doing consultancies for more established brands (Bellfield, More Media Sales, First Chop) applying principles I learnt when I worked with household names.

I said yes to all proposals that came my way, delivered and was ‘hustling’. This is when the octopus realisation hit me.

Something had to give because I was burning out.

I decided to focus on what really lights me up – and it was delivering funnels for coaches and course makers.

My last campaign delivered return on investment of x 12 (yes, the revenue generated 12 times the advertising investment made!). And profit of £50,000.

I still work with bigger brands but now do it differently – via audit, consultancy and I have a team I bring in for projects.

I’m beyond grateful and I know this is just the beginning.

To your success,

Aleks xx

“The way that Aleks supported me not just with the Facebook ads but the whole launch strategy was incredible. She went over and above what I would expect and is SO much more than just ‘running the ads’ like so many others do out there. You can tell that she really does care and you aren’t just a number to her which makes such a different during what can be a stressful time for a lot of coaches. I ended up having my biggest launch yet!”

Casey Paul

Success Coach

P.S Let’s be friends