Could your Facebook / Instagram budget be bringing you bigger profits?

Wondering if you, or the agency you hired, could be making your ad spend more effective?

Every month I offer a limited number of free Facebook/Instagram Ads audits.
You provide me with Insight-level access to your Ads Manager account, and within 3 working days, I’ll email you back with three pointers on how to improve your campaigns. And if there’s no scope for improvement, I’ll be honest and I’ll tell you that too!

This is for you if:

You manage the ads yourself, or you outsource it to someone else/an agency.

You want me to look at a recently completed, or current, Facebook/Instagram ads campaign.

The campaign ad spend was at least £500. And it took no more than 30 days to spend that £500.

If you’re currently using ‘Boosts’ only, this audit won’t be helpful to you. You’re welcome to book in for a Facebook Ads Power-Up session, and I will help you get started with your first campaign.

Note – I will need Facebook Ads Manager Insight-level access. This means I can see all the data, but I cannot make any changes to your ads or budget.